Easy Weight Loss Home Remedies to lose weight fastSimple Weight LossEasy Weight Loss Home Remedies to lose weight fast

Hello Friends, welcome to www.fitnessrockers.com Obsesity or overweight its not only india’s issue but also whole world is facing this issue. In this video clip we will talk about some proved natural and home remedies which will be helpful in weight loss and controlling insulin level lets talk about first remedy Always use honey in this mixture as people who drink luke warm water and lemon without honey complaints that they have faced weekness and joint pain. I will recommend that drink this fat loss drink in between your main meals like between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner

Keys to simple weight loss

This fat loss drink is very effective and above all Triphala is very good for intestines too. Black chickpea is also a very good for weight loss. You can have black checkpea’s sprout in morning. Or you can have chappati made of normal wheat flour and black chickpea’s flour mixture which is also know as Missi Roti. Cabbage is also a very good fat burning food you can have chopped cabbage once in a day and can use black pepper for the taste (avoid salt) Excess salt and sugar leads to weight gain So try to use lite salt or use black pepper for taste cabbage controls sugar level and also restricts conversions of carbohydrates in to fat.

These were some home remedies for weight loss which can be helpful for you I will suggest that also do exercises. Only fat loss should not be your motive. Motive should be total body fitness Exercises and weight training are very necessary for tone up body Fat loss without exercises may result in loose skin you can watch our videos related to fat loss exercises too.. ”

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