Healthy, Easy Enchiladas!Good FoodsHealthy, Easy Enchiladas!

Hi I’m Marilyn today’s recipe is going to be celebrating the international year of the pulse. So what is a pulse?

Well, it’s farm speak or agricultural talk for the family that includes beans chickpeas split peas and lentils.

Beans are economical and they’re heart healthy.

How to make South of the Border Roll-Ups.

Make sure the rack is in the middle of the oven and preheat it to 400 Fahrenheit 200 Celsius. You’re going to want a casserole dish with parchment paper, and here’s my secret trick!

Turn on the water, put your parchment paper under the water and squish it down really well and then wring it out really well. And look what happens: it’s all soft and malleable and it fits right into the pan without sticking out and you’ll never have to wash another dish again! Ok, maybe a little bit…

I like to get everything out and ready to go.

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So you need 1 cup of grated cheese in total but we’re going to reserve a quarter. Add the rest of the cheese and the ricotta in one bowl.
And we’re gonna mix these two things together as the cheese filling. So my recipe calls for three roasted red peppers, chopped.

Now beans. I used canned. Rinse them until the water runs clean.

Add beans to food processor.
Add a tablespoon of chili powder and then 1 teaspoon of cumin, a tablespoon of water and a tablespoon of canola oil.


Lay out the bean mixture on a tortilla, then add cheese and Monterey Jack ricotta.

Add corn (fresh or frozen) and peppers.

Roll up, place on parchment papered pan. In oven for 40 minutes.

Top with salsa and the rest of cheese. Cool for ten minutes.

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