How to Reverse an Unhealthy LiverWorst FoodsHow to Reverse an Unhealthy Liver

How to reverse a fatty liver.

Couple facts about the liver. The liver is about three and a half pounds, it’s huge it’s on the right side of your body. It goes all the way up here and it’s right through here. Okay, it has over 500 functions.

It does everything from immune control, digestion, detoxification of chemicals, building up of proteins, it does so many things. It’s an amazing, miraculous organ. It has 50,000 to 100,000 small little units of cells that help do the work. You really could be functioning pretty good in your body and have 90% of your liver destroyed or dysfunctional.

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So a lot of times the liver will not show up until greater than 90% of it’s destroyed. So you can’t always go how you feel with the liver.

But some of the symptoms with a real bad liver is you get bloating, you have right shoulder pain, the whites of your eyes turn yellow, there’s a lot of skin issues, itching of the bottom of the feet and the palms of the hand, basketball belly like you’re protruding belly.

But you can really predict the health of the liver by the person’s lifestyle habits.

So there’s several stages of liver damage that occur.

The first one is from inflammation.Inflammation where it could come from a virus but it also could come from bad eating or alcohol. So every time you drink it creates a trauma, kind of a whiplash because you’re killing liver cells when you’re doing that.

Every time you take Tylenol or medication you kill liver cells.

Even some of the medications like Lipitor, for example, will severely stress the liver and increase the liver enzymes by 500%. So one of the big side effects. The medication is supposed to lower your cholesterol which basically has everything to do with liver, ends up destroying your liver. It’s kind of insane. So you have an inflammatory condition.

Then you have fatty deposits that lodge into the liver, so over time the liver can be replaced with fat.

Many people with bellies out to here have a fatty liver.

But it’s very hard to detect chronic liver problems unless you do a biopsy because it doesn’t always show up on a blood test.

You can get away with only a small portion of liver working before you even notice a lot of the symptoms so just because you are feeling it doesn’t mean anything. Alright, so that’s what happens with the liver.

When the liver swells up because there’s not a lot of space it could put pressure on the heart and create a lot of heart arrhythmia issues, a lot of skipped beats, it can create high blood pressure, increase pulse rate, why? Because the liver is right next to the heart and it’s going to compress on the heart.

You cannot heal the liver having a moderate amount of junk food to the diet because again if you’re drinking every night or every other day or even once a week it could take you one, two, three, four days for that liver to recover and so you never really let it recover.

It takes time for the liver to recover and to regenerate. So it is important to eat the right foods.  

Watch the video to see what these foods are.


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