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Hey, it’s Nichole Kellerman and we’re on to another episode of Health Nugs. So, today, we are talking about junk food. How many times you get finished eating some junk food and say, “Ugh! Can’t stop eating junk food!” Or in my case, “Ugh! Can’t stop eating ice cream!” Well you know. I am a real girl. I don’t have this crazy awesome metabolism and I have sugar, salt and junk food cravings just like you.

So I kinda have to work with this, even with myself on how to really overcome – in my case, my junk food is ice cream. And I’ve said it a lot in this video. So you shouldn’t be surprised. But there are 3 little tips that I want to teach you, that you can start applying into your life, that will help you gain a little bit more control over this situation. Number 1 — What is it? (Figure it out!) What is your weakness? What is that one thing that you cannot say NO TO. What is that one thing? And I know you’re getting a couple of ideas popping into your head but I mean you keep it in your house and you can’t say NO.

Right now, I’m just like, “Ice cream!” Ice cream is totally mine! Number 2 — Get it out of the house! When I was leaving alone and I knew that ice cream is my weakness and I just couldn’t say no to it, I never brought it into my house — ever! It was always just a treat. Maybe once a month I would go down to the local ice cream parlor and I would have my ice cream and make sure I was a food lover (of course when I was eating it) but I get it out of the house because I know the boundary. I know that line and I couldn’t keep it in the house. But I totally understand that some people, maybe eating with your roommates or your partner brings in some of these junk foods because they really like it. And I’ve asked Zac if we could not buy ice cream anymore — and he refuse which is understandable.

And this is something that I have to work on. So this is what I did and this was really just recently to be totally honest with you ’cause I was just like, “Look at the freezer and there’s the ice cream and I really really want it.” And I was like, “I’ve got to figure out something to do about this.” So this is what I did. I’ve found some healthy alternatives. Number 3 Google healthy alternatives. So here are 3 healthy alternatives that I found. Strawberry Coconut Milk Ice Cream Haagen Dazs Low Fat Chocolate Sorbet As I was doing a little research about this on blog, I go to the grocery story and got some of it and it was really really good. But here’s the only 1 thing about this is it has a half amount of the calories but it has the exact same amount of sugar, so really you have to limit the serving sizes with these. And when you are having them, make sure you’re a food lover.

If you don’t know what being a food lover is then you need to hop over to my website, www., and there’s a training on there on how to love your food – being a food lover. And you can have any food you want including ice cream. So make sure you hop over there if you don’t know what a food lover is. In the comment section below, you have to do your homework too. And you have to help out me and some of the ladies watching this video and state your junk food that you cannot say NO TO. And then I want you to post your health alternative right next to it. You are going to be helping me and all other ladies who deal this sweet and salt cravings on a daily basis. Thank you so much for watching. If you like the video, please like it. Share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all those fun media sites because you know, you’re not the only woman who deals this exact same issue. And she would love you if you did this. Thank you so much and see you later.

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