Sugar- the ugly truthWorst FoodsSugar- the ugly truth

I’m going to tell you, tonight, a story. And this story dates back about 30 years. This story has a little bit of something for everybody. It has a little bit of biochemistry, a little bit of clinical research, a little bit of public health, a little bit of politics, a little bit of racial innuendo. The only thing it’s missing is sex. But, well, we can see what we can do about that, too. By the end of the story I hope I will have debunked the last 30 years of nutrition information in America. And I would very much appreciate it if at the end of the talk, you would tell me whether or not I was successful or not. Okay? So, in order to get you in the mood, as it were, let’s start with a little quiz. What do the Atkins Diet and the Japanese Diet have in common? Anybody? Hm? Oh, you have the answers right, never mind.

That’s right, you have the answer right there. So the Atkins diet, of course, is all fat no carb. The Japanese diet’s all carb, not fat. They both work, right? So what do they share in common? They both eliminate the sugar, fructose. So, with that, think about what it means to be on a diet, and what macro-nutrients you’re eating and which ones your not. And then we’ll go from there, and I’ll try to explain how this all works. So, you’ve all heard about the obesity epidemic. Here are the numbers. These are the NHANES database Body Mass Index. Everybody knows what that is now. Histograms marching ever rightward as time has gone on. This was what was projected for 2008 in blue. We had so far exceeded and surpassed, this is not even funny. This was from 2003. The reason I show this is not just to show that the obese are getting obeser, of course, that’s true, but in fact the entire curve has shifted. We all weigh 25 pounds more today than we did 25 years ago, all of us. Now, it is often said that obesity is the ultimate interaction between genetics and environment…

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